Talina Yldrania

  • I offer exclusive, unique website designs, and competent support with the upkeep, updates and maintenance.
  • I provide correct and flawless translations from English to German and the other way around.
  • I create detailed artwork in the categories Icons, Logos, Concept Art, and 2D Pixel- & Vector Graphics.
  • I work fast, efficient, and in good cooperation & communication with my customers. Contacting me is possible 24/7.

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A Dark Secret

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About Me

My name is Talina, I currently live in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany, and was born on 25th of April, 1996.

After all I have been working on, I have received credit for a couple of different characteristics I approach my work with:

  • Patience: If something doesn't work out right away, it is no problem for me to find a solution - however long that might take.
  • Reliability: If something is requested of me, I will do my best to follow the guidelines given, and to finish everything in time.
  • Effiency: When I work, I provide quick and good results.
  • Responsibility: Managing things is absolutely no issue for me. I will skillfully approach anything that requires me to take responsibility on my own.
  • Motivation: No matter what kind of job, I always approach it with motivation and will.
  • Creativity: Inspiration, fantasy and creativity has always been a part of me - and I will approach any job with all three of those characteristics.

Languages have always interested me a lot. German, being my mother language, is of course the one I can handle best. However, my English has become flawless and effortless after years of practise and communication with many people from American- and British countries.
Other languages I have studied are French and Latin, in which I have not nearly reached the perfection I use German or English with.


A few years ago I joined something called "Kompetenzkompass". It was a project for students to learn about the following things: Creativity, Cooperation With Others, Endurance, Independence, and Arranging & Calculating Things. In that schooling I basically learned how teamwork actually works, how every team member has their responsibilities and how in a company everyone works independently, but still together. After successful completion, I received a certificate.

After finishing year 10, I graduated with the German "Realschulabschluss" (General Certificate of Secondary Education). I am now aiming for the German "Abitur" (General Qualification for University Entrance).

In 2011, I completed a professional rethoric schooling. The focus of that schooling was the best way to prepare and hold speeches, advice on how to speak freely, how to structure presentations, and what methods to use to give speeches and presentations the best possible effect. After successful completion, I received a certificate.

Most years at school, I graduated with an average of better than 1.5 (1.0 being the best possible) and received a certificate for that.

A few years ago I planned and organized a child musical, in which I myself was the narrator. For that, my school awarded me a price.

Ever since I was 13 and legally allowed to work, I worked as a postman. After recently quitting, I was awarded two commendations for excellent work, reliability, and not a single complaint from customers over all this time..

During chool, we had the possibility to join volunteer projects, such as creating and maintaining a school library. That project in particular is what I joined over four years back, when it was still in very early stages. In the meanwhile the library owns multiple hundred books, and I received multiple commendations for many hours of volunteer help, commitment, reliability, taking responsibilities, and finally taking the lead of the project before I left the school.

Language Experience

Language Knowledge % Experience
100% Using this for all my homepages, I have learned most that is to learn about the language.
100% Of course I am still daily learning more about the language, but I am extremely experienced with it.
100% My mother language.
100% Using this for all my homepages, I have learned most that is to learn about the language.
50% I am currently learning this language, but have however already managed to create some stuff with it and read a couple of other codes about it.
30% I have so far only managed to create little with this, but am doing my best to learn it.
80% Using this language for making a game (A Dark Secret) and multiple modifications for another game (Moun&Blade: Warband), I know most that is to know about this language, but yet have to make my skill with it perfect.

Program Knowledge

Program Category Experience
Artweaver Plus
Artwork Artweaver Plus supports the use of a graphic tablet to create drawings directly on your computer. I have used it for years.
AVS Programs
Audio, Video, Image I mainly use the AVS Video Editor, as well as the converters. The video editor allows the creation of different types of videos in many formats.
Blender 3D
3D Artwork, Animation I have learned how to use this program, though I haven't been required to use the knowledge very much yet.
GameStudio 3D
Engine One of the games I am working on with my company are based on the GameStudio Engine.
IBM Lotus Symphony
Documents I use this program for the creation of documents, presentations, tables and graphics, and can handle every aspect of the program.
Microsoft Expression Web
Websites Before mainly working with Notepad++, I used this program for the creation of all my first websites. I am expert with the program.
Artwork Even though it is freeware, this program is actually really useful for the creation of multiple-layer artwork and the editing of images.

Recently Completed

Casus Belli Modification
March 2014

Bad Dream Series Translations.
March 2014

A Dark Secret Homepage.
March 2014

ExUV GuildWars2 Guild Homepage.
January 2014

ExUV Warband Clan Homepage.
January 2014

Inside Out Computer Homepage.
Summer 2013

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